Legacy of the Force

Session Zero
Pregame Notes

You have been invited to a special campaign for Star Wars RPG, which will be invite only. This campaign will take place in the Legacy Era under the rule of Darth Krayt. You can make any character you want using the standard rules. After character creation add 40xp and 2000 credits to your character. You can spend the 40 xp any way you like but the Credits may not be spent yet.
Your group is going to start at on Iego. A strange and mysterious planet that is not on any star chart. Your character backstory can be from any time period. You just need to come up with how you found your way to this planet. While on Iego you do not AGE. So if you were lost during the clone wars you could still be alive and well living on Iego.
I’ll handle getting you off the planet and etc.
Also, there are multiple sides in this fight. Outlaws & Jedi, Sith Empire, and The Imperial Resistance.

Duty will be the main Mechanic, it will be to which ever group you align with. Start with 15 duty less whatever you take per the normal rules for XP and credits at creation.

I will be using Obligation as well, but it will be secondary mechanic for storyline.



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